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Inspirational Quotes

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A Collection of the finest Motivational and Inspirational Quotes, Poems, Books & Stories from around the Globe

Through Inspirational Quotes we are here to serve you and to create a winning and inspirational platform for everyone to use, to share and to fulfill aspirations through inspiration.

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Enjoy the quotes on this website. Use them everyday, in every part of your life, whenever and wherever needed, but please note : Credit must be given to the author when using any quotations, poems or stories found on this website.

A Catalyst for Prosperity and Success

Inspirational Quotes, motivational quotes, in fact all quotes have enormous power to change your thought patterns, your well being and thus ultimately your entire being.

The magnificence and the power that lies in these huge, but little used tools are immeasurable. 

People admit to the beauty of words, and the inspiration of quotes, but sadly that is where the belief ends.

For the doubters, take a look at many of the world's top entrepreneurs and companies. Isn't it strange that so many
of them use these quotes to get the message across and litter their lectures with quotes?

1.  The top self improvement masters all use inspirational and   motivational quotes to get their message across.

2.  Many of the worlds finest brains such as Albert Einstein coined phrases and quotes to help people understand his messages.

3.  The worlds best know politicians from Winston Churchill to J.F Kennedy and Nelson Mandela did the same.

4.  The worlds most respected authors use and live by inspirational quotes. Religions are peppered with phrases and quotes on how to live.

The evidence and proof is indisputable and undeniable and thus the question must be asked - What about me?

The sad truth is that so many people simply don't believe in themselves and thus find it hard to believe in the power of inspirational quotes.

The rich and famous have capitalized on these magnificent words. Should we not all follow on the same path and fulfill our destinies?

The main reason that some people do not believe in the power of these inspirational words of wisdom is simply because they are yet to grasp the fact that these words need to be continually acted upon.

Inspirational quotes resonate with one’s soul,
they uplift one’s spirit,
they warm one’s heart,
and they leave a lasting impression on one’s mind ~ Michael Sage

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