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~ About Us ~

This About Us page is a simple explanation of who we are, and what we stand for.

www.inspirational-quotes-and-poems.net is a website dedicated to spreading inspiration around the world. We are dedicated to fulfilling and nourishing the soul and providing enjoyment and encouragement through the written word.

As the Ronald Reagan quote above states, we are not able to help everyone, but if everyone contributes a little bit to this website, then everyone can be helped. This is the essence of this website.

We aim to share inspiration with all that live on this magnificent planet and we hope to encourage you to participate by using this website as a platform to introduce your own:

And to share it with those seeking inspiration. When we all share and contribute, then we all win.

Plainly and simply, we want people the world over, to aspire to, and reach their aspirations through the inspirations on this website. Your aspirations become ours and our inspirations help you reach your aspirations, through inspiration - its that simple.

Please join us on a journey of discovery, Hope, Wealth, Peace and Love.

We do not share your personal information with anybody, however we do reserve the right to investigate and report plagiarism and copyright abuse.

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