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~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

American Poet

Camille Rose Castillo Poems

Camille Rose Castillo - 18 September

Born: Chicago (USA)

Residence: Chicago United States of America

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

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by Camille Rose Castillo

Though I clearly see
Paralleling traits 
Corresponding facets 
Astonishingly quaint

This complex, albeit moving
And prominent connection
Holds a minute blemish
Worthy of reflection

Contrast, yes there’s one
A distinction can be drawn
For you’re rarely right
While I’m never wrong!

Allow me, if you will
Just one final venture
Aside the playful banter
This afterthought, don’t censure

Of different roles, diverse tasks
On dispersed, divided paths
Thoughts are firmly fused
Beneath our layered masks

Yes, beyond the looking glass
Lies mystic, certain likeness
Disengaged and detached
Yet baring sharp resemblance

A vision all-consuming
So strikingly familiar
Is seemingly my own
Essence fiercely mirrored

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

What I want for Christmas
Is an end to false pretense
For charlatans and bigots
To gain some common sense

What I want for Christmas
Isn’t momentary glee
It's enduring munificence
And constant global peace

What I want for Christmas
Is honest harmony
Authentic altruism
Worldwide civility

What I want for Christmas
Is the death of greed
The demise of vanity
For honor to precede

What I want for Christmas
Is a final end
To pretentious feats
And deceptive trend

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

A unitary matrix
Of godliness banned
Of piety placed
On pillars of sand

A surge of depravity
And moral afflictions
Clearly forewarned
In prophetic predictions

Is there potential
For sensible self scrutiny
For the mere purpose
Of defying ill destiny?

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

The touch of a warm breeze 
Across my face 
Through an open window 
Shift curtains of lace

As I sit and listen
To the laughter of children
Girls jumping rope
Boys with toy engines

A flood of memories
Rush through my mind
Hop-scotch, Double Dutch
Start to unwind

The classrooms of old
Worn wooden floors
The screeching of chalk
On the blackboard

The old schoolyard songs
We often sang
In the playground
After first bell rang

Saturdays and Sundays
Spent at the park
Laughing and playing
Till well after dark

Raised in a city
Rich in diversity
Surrounded by people
Of every ethnicity

Days as a teen
With groups of friends
Boom boxes roaring
Placed close to our heads

At night we all gathered
In a T- shaped alley
Watched super rats crossing
And kept a tally

Fields of flowers
Lovely green meadows
All but a dream
In Chicagoland ghettos

Downtown, Uptown
North side and South
East side and West
The homeless abound

Lingering on sidewalks
Beneath neon signs
Countless pedestrians
Blindly walk by

Traffic in the city
The movie shows
Bright lights of Chicago
At night aglow

Days of high school
The metro academy
Laces, threads
Patted down anatomy

Gang colors, weapons
Big city life
A venture, I tell ya

While Chicagoans go on
With their daily routine
As CTA riders
Browse magazines

Hustlers and hoodlums
Prowl every corner
And wails of sirens
Play over and over

Muting the rumbling
Of Chicago's “L” trains
While communal brigands
Seek hidden space

On summertime visits
To Millennium Park
Or Buckingham Fountain
A place well marked

A cascade of waters
And medley of colors
Fiercely sparkle
Near structures much taller

By vibrant displays
Of prized architecture
As divine as any
Michelangelo sculpture

Some might call it
A city of ghosts
Haunted by the likes
Of Holmes and Capone

I claim it a city
Of verve and culture
A school of thought
Unlike any other

It's theatre, it's jazz
It's rhythm and blues
It's soaring high
With innovation breakthrough

It's my past, my life
My heart, and my home
It's who I am
It’s all the complexities I own.

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

My God Almighty,
High up above
Please hear my prayer
For peace, protection and love

Although in my life
You know I've sinned
You know where I'm going
Where I am, where I've been

For I pray to you Lord
Not only in sorrow
Nor only when I am in pain
But even in times of peace and joy
My prayers are never in vain

I know that you love me
I am your child
You've never turned me away
Not even when I have stumbled
Or have clearly lost my way

I ask you Lord
To see me through
This world so very cold
I ask that you protect
Not only the saints
But the weak, poor,
Young, and the old

Protect the defenseless babies
Left crying in the night
Abandoned, hungry, and cold
Screaming out with all their might

Renew the faultless children
Left crying deep inside
From internal wounds
That never heal
No matter how hard they try

Give peace and love
To these children Lord,
For they never had a chance
Against the piercing evil
In this world
Give them reasons to sing, and dance

Please Lord, shield the old
For they have served their time
And now they are weak
And very tired
Some have not even a dime

Spare the poor from disease
From hunger, and devastation
Save the ones left to perish
Those spurned by wealthy nations

Protect the men
Women and children
Left wandering in the street
Facing not only
The danger of illness
But crimes against them
And having nothing to eat

Bless them with your warmth, my Lord
When they are facing
The coldest days
Guide your loving angels to keep them
Safe and warm wherever they stay

Protect the defenseless creatures
Slaughtered for profit and gain
Hear their cries to you, my Lord
They cry in agony, and in pain

They are the ones
Of other nations
Sharing this web of life
Surely deserving of your love
And eternal light

I ask these things of you, my Lord
For only you and I surely know
Of the things that are so troubling
This pained and tired soul

You are my silent witness
To foul my eyes have seen
You've walked with me
On this long, winding road
And everywhere in between

Thank you Lord
For hearing my prayers
As I know you always will
I know that you will love me always
I am forever your child, Camille

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Relieve me of this cruel 
Subterranean passion 
Or douse dispiriting reason 
Cast out the angst 
Heart distressed 
Regain your soothing rhythm

Return to me
Revoke this grim oppression
Please recall
Lost resolve
Compel its requisition

Don’t consign me to
Nor evoke malign surrender
Be wise, heart of mine
For luring wind songs
Are the primary cause
Of many a heart’s demise

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

In my trials and tribulations 
Be they however great 
I’ll forever own the splendor 
In the sanctity of faith

You, my precious God
Are my hope, guide and way
Throughout this realm of ruin
Where I patiently remain

You amplify my vision
When blurred by policies
Of godless constitutions
And scientific fallacies

In a world marred by feuds
And depravity of endless bounds
In the midst of wretched waste
My resolve you surround

Allowing me an exodus
From spiritual regression
Providing me asylum
From this decaying prison

In all my allotted days
Amid triumphs and troubles
You are my brilliant beacon
Through lifts, and minor stumbles

Upon my last, departing day
I’ll lift my heart, mind and soul
Up to a timeless, sacred haven
To you is where I’ll go

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Malice and greed fill the earth 
Hatred and spite abound 
I humbly ask if you dear lord 
Would care to expound?

Of the sinful deeds I own
None do surpass
The brutality and corruption
The wicked acts of man

My throne he has taken
Yet I carry blame
For his moral ills
And the global shame

In thy name he bludgeons
And slaughters peaceful sheep
Mercilessly he murders
His victims lay in heaps

Nil care has he taken
With fruits of thy work
In place of thy creations
He leaves blood-soaked dirt

Structures of wood and stone
In thy name he designs
In bigotry and hypocrisy
He spends his given time

Wars he does wage
And shows no lament
Spreading pestilence
Is how his time is spent

In the name of science
He valiantly proclaims
"God does not exist"
Denies your holy name

Sadly, this is man
In his pitiful glory
Share with me, dear lord
Your take on this story

Surely thou must know
Of this I don't partake
Even I am left repulsed
By man as he forsakes

These immoral acts exceed
My own comprehension
Here I'm left in awe
While waiting in detention

Explain if you will
This dreadful deviation
Of that made in your image
Of your own creation

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Hypnotized by water diamonds
brilliantly shining on the lake
and by the melodic sound  of song birds, 
I am in a peaceful  state.

In this moment
I know no anxieties,
worries or pain.
From this realm
of utter chaos
oblivion breaks the chain.

I close my eyes and bask
in this mode of
sanctuary stillness,
while the symphony of
nature's true joys
take away my sorrows
and leave me with
spiritual wellness.

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Welcome to system theatrics
An assembly of unjust antics 
Where deception is no exception 
Where justice meets apprehension

Welcome to a system failing
Its sole focus, rampant jailing
Is there hope for intervention
Or remedy for this convention?

Lady Justice, distressed and wailing
Crying out in constant ailing
Held hostage and kept hidden
Is helpless and overridden

Acknowledging the disparity
And lack of human integrity
Witnessing social disruption
And god-forsaken corruption

Mindful and careful direction
Rightness and moral correction
Is what our system needs
It’s what true justice pleads

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

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