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~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

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~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

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by Camille Rose Castillo
Just the other day
While out and about
I heard my name
In a frantic shout

Twas' good ole' Lucifer
He appeared to be
In a pitiful state
A wreck he seemed

In one hand he held
A bottle of Jack
And in the other
A bag of crack

I kindly took space
And sat beside him
I softly asked
"what's the problem?"

With tears in his eyes
He looked up at me
His face quite sullen
His voice ever meek

"Why am I always
The one to blame
For the God forsaken
The global shame?

I've my own to reap
Don't you know
Of all that
I have sown

But all the others
Have far outdone
My sinful deeds
They've taken my throne

Yet day after day
Year after year
My name in vain
I constantly hear

Hence the Jack
And crack cocaine
I simply need
A little escape!"

Twas' but a moment
Passed in silence
Before I nodded
And gently responded

I quietly whispered
"Now there, there
Don't you cry
Don't despair

You have no blame
For evil among
The lot of us
Old or young

Choice is ours
We have free will
To mend the hurt
Yet choose to kill

So dear friend
The ones to blame
Are those who covet
Murder and maim

Evil are those
Of this earthly village
Yes, those created
In God's image."

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Here, I unveil my thoughts
And start by telling you
That when you’re near
I feel an ache
That breaks
My heart in two

Here, I paint a vivid
Portrait that reveals
Temptation and desire
Kept carefully concealed

Here, I clearly illustrate
The bright, burning flame
The thought of you ignites
That only you can tame

Here, I share the sun
That rises in your eyes
The smile that has become
This ailing heart’s demise

Here, left transparent
Forbidden and confined
Ardent thoughts of you
Burning up my mind

Here, poetically scripted
In terms you'll understand
Just like a captive bird
My heart’s at your command

Here, left unhidden
Is craving never ending
Most unmerciful longing
Incredibly unyielding

Here freed, unleashed
Is truth kept restrained
Reality that in dreams
Is doomed to remain

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo
Attempts at alteration of
My right to fully express
My own ideas and views
My liberty to address

Declarations and ideas
I happen to find crude
Imposing upon my spirit
And all too often rude

Formulation of my thoughts
On many different things
Echoes of imagination
Remnants of my being

Clear my views do remain
Unscathed by opposition
I firmly and relentlessly
Defend my true position

I do believe in liberty
To share what one believes
For a spirit and its speech
Forever should be free

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Oh, summer breeze
Where are you now?
This cold bite upon me
You just can't allow

Please come back
I do beg of you
Bring back the heat
And waters of blue

Please bring back
The chirping of birds
Bring back the thickets
And crickets I've heard

Bring back the flowers
The scent of rain
That steadily falls
On warm summer days

The full weeping willows
The lilies in bloom
Butterflies and hoppers
And lavender's perfume

Oh summer breeze
Where can you be?
The cold of winter
Is now upon me

The unsightly gray
The blistering air
The colorless hues
Leave me in despair

Please come back
Before I grow frail
From days as cold
As a witch's tail!

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

A Planet In Despair
As this planet's caretakers
Just what have we done
To our dear mother earth
For our luxuries and fun

Torturing and killing
This celestial body
Surrounded by stars
Writhing and rotting

Poisons poured down
Atmosphere's throat
With toxic chemicals
The planet we soak

The rapid destruction
Of the ozone layer
At the unmerciful hands
Of nature's true slayer

The one's who steal
And live to destroy
The forests and trees
And nature's true joys

Killing the wildlife
All over the map
Considered mere beasts
Yet the savage is man

We take down their homes
Without second thought
We butcher and slaughter
Vile planet we've wrought

No, life on this earth
Is not just our own
For the taking and raping
We have done all alone

We have only created
A planet in despair
An earth crying out
Do we even care?

Our oceans now filled
With poisonous oil
Spilled by the greed
Of those who toil

For the very last drop
Of our liquid gold
To life in these waters
Our hearts ever cold

Often left entirely soaked
Dripping with damage done
Those that are left to die
In oceans of oil and muck

As the number of animals
At our ever brutal hands
Decline and go extinct
With them diminish our lands

Each and every single day
They struggle to survive
Even the most illiterate
Can read it in their eyes

They are the true victims
Under man's brutal dominion
Who along with us, pay the price
The eventual planet's oblivion

For what man does gain
With all his luxuries
Is mother earth destroyed
The defenseless suffering

Yes, I am a tad disturbed
By man as he still covets
But pay no mind for all I am
Is a disgruntled, middle-aged poet

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

Many times I wonder
If you're here with me
Is it you who lifts me up
And takes away my grief?

Is it you who hears
Sounds of silent distress
And wipes away the tears
With your spiritual caress?

Or is it sheer resilience
That lifts me off the floor
When I'm down and broken
And can't take any more

Are you a silent witness
To my deep despair
Lurking in the shadows
Of thoughts unknowingly shared?

Is it you who gives me
Sanctuary stillness
Do you ease the pain
In my times of crisis?

Is it you who guides me
In the right direction
Is it simply destiny
Or self determination?

Is my course predetermined
Or do I have a say
Is it you who controls
Whatever comes my way?

Reveal yourself to me
If you really do exist
Send a sign or signal
Are you truth, or just a myth?

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo

The silent voice
Of ones pain
Falling, flowing
Like the rain

A wet expression
Of the soul
A profound feeling
One lets go

A mute language
That one shares
When hurt, angered
In despair

A visible sign
Of one's fears
Clearly translated
Into tears

The final truth
One can't hide
For it is written
In our eyes

Loss, pain, hurt
Emotions tears
Often follow

The silent voice
Of ones pain
Falling, flowing
Like the rain

A wet expression
Of the soul
A profound feeling
One lets go

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo
Dare to question madness
Valiant, ever courageous
Interrogate absurdity
What you find vexatious

Never refuse to face
Unyielding resistance
Stay true to your beliefs
Remain ever consistent

If there is a price to pay
For the right of knowledge
And the use of that thereof
Say no to mental bondage

What truly does define
Collection of the facts
Information that you gather
And how it does impact

Is unrelenting bravery
In the face of adversity
At whatever cost to you
Refusing intellectual depravity

Does pride have a scholar
Possessing an education
A wealth of information
Yet lacking determination?

To who do we really owe
Development and progress
Corrections of miscalculations
And errors now behind us?

The ones who stood firm
And fixed in their direction
Unswayed by obstruction
Deserving of reflection

Those we so often praise
The ones commonly admired
Are those who've attained
Achievement of desires

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo
Politics consistent
With moral corruption
Religion at best
Breeding dysfunction

Churches pristine
On every corner
While homeless abound
Where is the honor?

The rich at ease
Out at play
The poverty-stricken
Know only dismay

The wealthy feast
Indulge in the finest
The destitute and poor
Haven't the slightest

Crime well known
On America's streets
Violence in action
With every heart beat

Victims seek justice
Where has she gone?
Is she hog-tied
In somebody's trunk?

Political correctness
To drastic extremes
No longer can one
Express their beliefs

America, take credit
For progression ingenius
But also acknowledge
The brink of madness

We rightfully know
There is a fine line
Between the two
We just can't deny

It seems we're crossing
Into that dimension
With each passing day
Without apprehension

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

by Camille Rose Castillo
Of my phantom stranger
Confess I truly must
He takes my strength of steel
And turns it into dust.

Although I need not hear
His voice ever resounding
For I find almost deafening
His presence in my surrounding.

There is no need to see him
To know that he is near
For a sudden shift occurs
Throughout the atmosphere.

My world begins to tremble
I feel as if I'm falling
Please come save me, Superman
Why can't you hear me calling?

From strong to weak, bold to meek
I undergo this drastic transition
My senses rapidly start to fade
I slip into a state of submission.

Once again my breath is taken
As I fight with all my might
Once again my defenses worn
For he is my Kryptonite

~ Camille Rose Castillo Poems ~

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