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Are My Rights Protected?

What is copyright?

Copyright is a legal way of giving the creator of an original work sole and exclusive rights to that work.

Not only does the copyright holder have exclusive rights to the work, but also has exclusive right to decide who may benefit from the work, financially or otherwise. The one who holds the rights also has the right to be credited for the work, no matter what form it takes.

This exclusive right is for a limited time only, usually for the life of the creator and thereafter at least 50 to 70 years after the creators passing. An author has the right to disclaim copyright, and in that case the material is free to use.

Most countries have a strict adherence to these rules and is internationally agreed, both civilly and legally.

Copyrights do not need to be registered or declared. Under the Berne Convention, it becomes affective immediately once the work has been written down or recorded in what-ever medium. Thus local and international authors are protected by law in any country that is signatory to the Berne Convention.

We have a strict policy to respect copyright laws. All work recorded and published on this website remain the exclusive property of the author. We lay no claim to copyright of any works published on this website.

We reserve the right to investigate and report any copyright abuse. Any works on this website will be removed within seven days should a legal representatives request or instruct us to remove such works.

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