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Donating To A Worthy Cause

Will You Help Us To Help You?

As many of you are aware, this website is a labor of love. We do not receive any type of funding, nor  is any monetary compensation  paid to any contributors or staff. 

We thus need assistance derived through donations.

The answer, quite simply, is that donations will help to defray the cost of maintaining this website...and... we need to expand as we have many exciting plans for this website.

As with so many things, money does play a part.

Any donation will help: - - - - - - - - Large or small

Our desire is to raise:

$10 000 USD

All donors, unless you chose to stay anonymous, will be acknowledged on our website.

  • Publicizing our website by means of advertising and marketing
  • Publishing a collection of books of poems for our contributors
  • Launching poetry competitions
  • Staging special events to encourage poetry writing
  • Re-develop our website and add a membership section


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