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Babe Ruth - Success or Failure?

George Herman Ruth, Jr., affectionately known as Babe Ruth, was an American baseball player who spent 22 seasons in Major League Baseball. Besides being known as “Babe Ruth” he was also nicknamed "The Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat".
Babe Ruth almost single-handedly changed the game of baseball and massively helped lift the popularity of the game in the 1920’s. Due mainly to Babe Ruth, baseball evolved from a low-scoring, speed-dominated game to a high-scoring power game.

Ruth is credited with making baseball a dominant American sport of its time and is still recognized today as one of the greatest sports heroes in baseball history.

Babe Ruth's legendary power and ‘naughty boy’ yet charismatic personality made him a larger than life figure in the 1920’s and is still one of the most celebrated players in American baseball history.

What made Babe Ruth so special was that he brought great enjoyment and excitement to the game for both players and spectators alike. Babe Ruth broke almost every baseball record including the coveted ‘most home-runs’ (60) in a season (a record which stood for 39 years) and the most home runs (714) in a career (a record which stood for 52 years).

Babe Ruth’s success is legendary, yet he also held the record for the most “strike outs” which could be considered a massive failure. His “strikeout” record was almost twice the amount of his home runs and double the amount of the average batter in his time.

So was Babe Ruth a success or a failure?

Babe chose to focus on the victories rather than the failures. He knew that on average, after every two strike-outs, there was a home-run waiting. His was focused on home-runs and was prepared to accept the strike-outs as a part of his success. Babe Ruth stirred the emotions of a nation and provided a lesson to the world that failure is part of success.

Accept that which goes wrong, for it is simply the precursor to positive achievement. Failure is just success turned inside out.

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