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Change Yourself And You Change The World

Wisdom comes with age is what I was told as a young man. But, as with most young people, I always thought I knew better and had to have things and do things my way.

Since I knew better I tried to change those closest to me and soon found myself ostracized from my family and my friends were few.

I then decided to change those that I worked with and insisted that things are done my way only. Before long I found that I was left out of most decisions and that my influence grew less, rather than more.

I decided to show my family, friends and colleagues who was right by entering politics so I could rule over them. Once I had that power I could change my country and the world and people would do as I said.

Having lost an election I climbed into a cab and while in the back seat I was pondering why I seemed to come off second best most of the time.

As we were traveling through the busy streets in rush hour traffic an expensive sports car pull out in front of us and the cab driver had to take avoiding action and braked hard and landed up on the pavement. The sports car driver got out of his expensive vehicle and came up to the cab driver ranting and yelling at him before threatening him and kicking the car.

The cab driver rolled down his window, smiled, apologized to the sports car driver and told him to go ahead. I then angrily asked the cab driver why he did not stand up for himself as the sports car driver was the one at fault and that he had no need to apologize.

The cab driver turned around to me and said the other driver was most likely full of frustration and anger as he had to rush around to make enough money to pay for his expensive toy and he was possibly trying to protect the little world he lived in. The cab driver said that we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time and that he had no ill feelings towards others.

I sat back in the cab and pondered what the cab driver had said. While peering out of the window I saw a sticker on the car next to us which read “For Things to change, you have to change – Jim Rohn”.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, I realized that had I listened to my elders as a young person and had spent time changing myself, I could still have been united with family and friends. By changing myself I could have influenced others and by so doing, I could have changed the outcome of so many things, maybe even the world could have changed through my influence.

Change yourself first, lead by example, and the world around you will change – Change yourself and change the world.

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