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Florence Nightingale - An Angel On Earth

Florence Nightingale is recognized today as the founder of modern nursing. She was born into a wealthy family in Florence in Italy, and was brought up in England.

As a child growing up she was expected to marry and live a privileged upper-class life. She was how-ever fiercely independent and instead chose nursing as her life. Although she met with huge opposition from her parents, who did not consider nursing a suitable profession for a women of her stature, she eventually enrolled at a nursing institution in Germany.

A few years after that the Crimean war started and, upon hearing of  desperate lack of proper medical facilities for wounded British soldiers, she volunteered to go to the war front. With her ‘Army of Nurses” she greatly improved the conditions and substantially reduced the mortality rate of the wounded soldiers and dramatically improved the hygiene standards.

After the war she returned to England and subsequently opened a training school for nurses in London. Her training school taught many nurses her hygiene principles, which  dramatically helped reduce infections in hospitals across England.

Due to her massive work load which she burdened herself with, Florence Nightingale’s health suffered, finally being forced to retired and live as an invalid. She spent this time offering advice and encouragement through her writings.

Doing the things she most loved and believed in was what made Florence Nightingale famous. She is revered around the world for her selfless, un-yielding and ceaseless determination to improve the lives of human beings across the spectrum. She was bestowed with many awards and imprinted her life in the history books for ensuring that the masses received the care and attention which they deserved.

She gave fully of herself purely for the benefit of others without wanting or expecting anything in return.

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