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Henry Ford - One Man Can Change The World

Henry Ford is famous not only for his motor cars, but more importantly, how he devised an assembly line to make it easier and cheaper to build motorcars

As a son of Irish parents growing up in Detroit, USA, Henry became interested in machinery and mechanics in general. He was a very inquisitive farm boy who loved to tinker and take apart anything that was remotely mechanical. 

Henry built is first steam engine at the tender age of 15 and built his first internal combustion engine at the age of 30. During that time Henry worked for the Edison Illuminating Company as an engineer. 

Henry invented his first “horseless carriage”  a Quadricycle in 1896 and three years later he joined the Detroit Automobile Company. This was short lived and the Henry Ford company was formed with Henry as chief engineer two years later. 

Henry had huge vision and his ideas on production put him at odds with the management and his financial backers. He left and started building racing cars with which he had success as a car manufacturer and as a racing driver. This success soon attracted financial backers and the Ford Motor Company was born.

Henry never looked back. Henry had huge vision and the most important and earth changing idea was to produce affordable cars for the mass market. Some investors left because of his so called “crazy ideas”. Henry bought out the shares of those investors that left and once he had the major shareholding, he began to put his ideas into practise.

In 1907 Henry laid his plans on the table for all the world to see. He was going to make a car for the masses, that would be affordable, reliable, sturdy, simple and easy to operate. Even the colour choice was limited to black.

Henry incredible vision soon paid off and the demand for his cars soared. Because of the huge demand, he invented the moving industrial production line”. Ford became the leading auto manufacturer in the USA and over the years ford became one of the most recognised brands throughout the world.

Henry absolute belief in his own ideas and a never say die attitude has made him one of the most well known industrial names around the world.

From humble beginnings, Henry rose to the top of the pile like cream in a cup of coffee. His success is legendry as was his unyielding belief in his dreams. 

Ford's process of manufacturing was copied by many different industries. In fact, his ways and ideas were so “revolutionary” that many used the term to standardize manufacturing and production as “Fordizing”.

From humble beginnings, Henry rose to the top of the pile like cream in a cup of coffee. His success is legendry as was his unyielding belief in his dreams. He changed the world through his singular ideas, never wavering, never doubting. This is living proof that one man can change the world.

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