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Mean Dad

I had a mean Dad; in fact he must have been one of the meanest in the whole world.
Why could he have not been like my mother and so many other Moms and Dads?
So many kids I new ate sweets and chocolates for breakfast, but I had to eat cereal and other healthy meals.
When other kids had a coke and biscuits for lunch, I had to have sandwiches and fruit
And for dinner we had to have a cooked meal with vegetables or salad while you can just imagine what other kids were eating.
So cruel and mean was my Dad, I really just could not understand.

Dad always wanted to know where I was at all times, like a convicted prisoner locked up or under house arrest.
He also wanted to know who my friends were, what activities we were doing with them and where we went.
If I had to be home by 5pm it had to be 5pm and not 5.30pm or later.

My Dad even went so far as to break the child labour laws by making me work.
I had to make-up my own bed and tidy my own room – how very, very cruel.
And when I brought a pet home, I was forced to make sure it was looked after and fed.
I even had to wash the pets’ dishes myself and clean up its ablution area – it really was unfair.

If I was naughty or failed to listen to his instructions, punishment was meted out  -
My Mom was so much better, like so many other Moms and Dads.
She would talk and scream and tell me to behave, and often threatened me with punishment.
But if I ignored her for long enough, she would simply give up and shake her head.
She would bemoan the fact that children just don’t listen anymore, like they were forced to do when they she young.

My Dad also insisted that I may not tell lies, he wanted the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Like we were in some kind of court of law, while my friends got away with whatever they wanted.
As I got older my mean Dad really go under my skin, why was he so insistent about doing things the right way.

I was only allowed to date when I was sixteen, while my friends could do so when they were 12 or 13.
When my friends came to pick me up to go out, Dad insisted on first meeting them and their parents to.
How embarrassing it was, what a cruel and mean Dad I had.

Because of my Dad I missed out on many things that some of my friends experienced.
I was never caught shoplifting nor charged with crimes or misdemeanors.
It was all my Dads fault that I never got drunk or took up smoking and never experimented with any type of drug.

I have since left home as an honest and educated adult, doing my very best for myself and others,
And now that I am a parent, I have become mean just like my Dad was – It really was his fault.

I now believe I know what is wrong with the world today – there just aren’t enough mean parents anymore.

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