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Inspirational Stories & Lessons

The 'WOW' Things That Inspire And Motivate

Here, in Inspirational Stories, we focus here on 'All Things Inspirational' such as Life Stories, Life Lessons, Turning around from the brink of disaster, How to be happy, How to be successful, How to live a fulfilled life. We offer positive thoughts and positive values to inspire people across this magnificent planet which we inhabit.

This is where YOU right the story, 'True or Fictional', as long as it is able to inspire and help others to achieve their goals or at least to let go of the past and face the future with self belief and renewed vigor and energy.

Even though your past might have been less perfect then you would have hoped for, and even though your present circumstances are not what they should be, today is always 'A New Beginning'.

Let's uplift those that feel down trodden, let's provide hope for those who are feeling hopeless, let's inspire those in need of inspiration and let's create an inspirational tsunami which engulfs the globe.

Life Lessons:

A Blind Girls Gift

A Box Of Kisses from My Little Girl

A Couples Heartbreak - Who Was To Blame?

An Angel Is An Angel, No Matter What

A Drop Of Water

A Glass Of Milk - The Final Payment

A Letter From The Little Boy On The Other-side

An Encouraging View From A Hospital Window

Change Yourself And You Change The World

Don't Judge Others

Don't Mess With Old People

Enjoy Your Life At All Times

Follow Your Dreams, Chase Your Dreams, Always

How Unique Are You Really?

Instructions For Life

Handwriting On The Wall

King Arthur And The Witch

Lend A Helping Hand - No Matter Where You Are

Life is A Do-It-Yourself Project

Life Is A Gift - Don't Complain

Love Is Truly Blind

Mean Dad

Mom's Last Laugh

My One-eyed Mom - A Sacrifice Of Love

Obstacles In Our Path

Perfection - A Sculptors Viewpoint

Say I Love You Before It's To Late

Temper Control - A Valuable Lesson

To Let Go Is To Love

The Benefits Of Struggling

The Blind Boy - Think Out Of The Box

The Doll And The White Rose

The Elephant And The Rope

The Frogs And The Tower

The Gossip Test - Socrates Style

The Marine's Father And The Other Man

The Mayonnaise Jar & The Cup Of Coffee

The Mouse Trap And The Farmer's Wife

The Trouble Tree

The Truth Seeker And The Well

The Value Of Knowledge

Treat All People Equally

Treasure Every Moment

True Love Runs Deep

You Have More Than Most People In The World

What Has No Value At All Until Given Away?

When God Created Mothers

Who Is Rich And Who Is Poor?

Why Dogs Live Shorter Lives

Work Hard But Make Time For Your Family

Why Procrastination Wins Over Creativity

Life Stories:

Alicia Cook -The Lost Art Of Kindness

Babe Ruth - Success or Failure?

Florence Nightingale - An Angel On Earth

Giulia Caggiano - A Letter From The Heart

Henry Ford - One Man Can Change The World

John & Washington Roebling - Persistence Pays

Send us Your Inspirational life story or life lesson - true or fictional. We will endeavor to publish them on this website.

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