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~ Key To Success Quotes ~

Are Your 'Success Thoughts' Harmonized?

The Key To Success Quotes offer us a window into what we need to do to project our own successes, rather than that of others, however, truly successful people ensure that their own successes benefit others as well. Success means different things to different people and this diversity is what makes for a successful world.

The quality of and abundance in your life is usually in direct proportion to the effort you put into making it so. Success differs from person to person and what one may term wealthy or successful, another may term mediocrity. Wealth and abundance cannot and should not be measured purely in a financial sense, but rather is a holistic life experience that must encompass all aspects of life.

Many people have been conditioned to fail and often advertise and self-prophesize this fact. To be successful, you need to believe in yourself, because if you do not do so, you surely cannot expect others to do so.

The Key To Success Quotes offers an abundance of pointers on the long and bumpy road to success.

~ Success Conundrum ~

Mistakes are the foundations of success. The more mistakes you make the more foundations you have to support your eventual success ~ Michael Sage

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~ Key To Success Quotes - Analyzing Success Factors ~

A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

A failure is a man that has blundered, but is not able to cash in on the experience ~ Elbert Hubbard

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others ~ Chin-Ning Chu

Action is the foundational key to all success - Pable Picasso

All programming for prosperity should be built on spiritual foundations. The first step is to enter the spiritual dimension, the alpha level, and determine what your purpose in life is. Find out what you are here for, what you are supposed to do with your life ~ Jose Silva

All you need is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure ~ Mark Twain

Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom ~ Euripides

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing ~ Abraham Lincoln

As long as you keep yourself centered, and are fulfilling the purpose you were sent here for,  you will succeed and be prosperous in all areas of life Jose Silva

Attitude and determination are the two pillars of success ~ Michael Sage

~ Key To Success Quotes - Analyzing Success Factors ~

Before success in any man's life he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do ~ Napoleon Hill

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth is no guarantee of future success. True success is always achieved ~ Michael Sage

Daily small steps equates to large strides over time ~ Michael Sage

Even if you haven’t encountered great success yet, there is no reason you can’t bluff a little and act like you have. Confidence is a magnet in the best sense of the word. It will draw people to you and make your daily life, and theirs, a lot more pleasant ~ Donald Trump

Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases ~ Jeremy Collier

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough ~ Og Mandino

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture ~  Norman Vincent Peale

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Accordingly a genius is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework ~ Thomas Edison

Go back a little to leap further ~ John Clarke

Great men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war ~ Seneca

~ Key To Success Quotes - Analyzing Success Factors ~

Happy is the man who can endure the highest and lowest fortune. He who has endured such vicissitudes with equanimity has deprived misfortune of its power ~ Seneca

Having a chequered past should not impede your chances of reaching the chequered flag ~ Michael Sage

How to succeed? Try hard enough ~ Malcolm Forbes

I am aware that success is more than a good idea. It is timing too ~ Anita Roddick

I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles ~ Zig Ziglar

  I believe the true road to pre-eminent success in any line is to make yourself master in that line. I have no faith in the policy of scattering one's resources, and in my experience I have rarely if ever met a man who achieved pre-eminence in money making, certainly never one in manufacturing,  who was interested in many concerns ~ Andrew Carnegie

I do not deny that many appear to have succeeded in a material way by cutting corners and by manipulating associates, both in their professional and in their personal lives. But material success is possible in this world and far more satisfying when it comes without exploiting others ~ Alan Greenspan

I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things ~ Walt Disney

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfilment of all that he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle-victorious ~ Vince Lombardi

I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well ~ Alan Greenspan

~ Key To Success Quotes - Analyzing Success Factors ~

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