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By Michael Sage

Inspire a child when you’re annoyed and riled
Inspire a child when you’re confused and beguiled

Inspire a child if they reckless an wild
Inspire a child if they meek and mild

Because greatness lies in the wild and the mild
Because greatness resides in every living child

~ Latest Poems From Around The Globe ~

by Michael Sage

A drink or two, that sounds very good,
And a maybe a few more, is really fine.
A beer, a whisky, or a bottle or two,
Of white or red, or any old wine.
I drink with the rich, I drink with the poor,
And even those souls, who are on the bread line.
I really need a tipple, or maybe a few more,
It makes me feel grand, and truly sublime.

A triple scotch on the rocks, is what I slug,
With the guys and gals, at the members only club.
Or a lager or an ale, or frothy old draught,
With the lads and their wenches, at the old corner pub.
I'll even swig a glass, of vintner's choice,
While bathing myself, in a soapy hot tub.
But don't give me chow, as it gets in the way,
Of another quick shot, so please hold the grub.

The odd snifter or two, can become twenty two,
It seems a lot, but it’s what I can hold.
They slip down the hatch, with no fuss at all,
That delicious flavor, of liquid gold.
Some get jovial, and others get aggro,
But I remain discreet, I ain't that bold.
Then I stumble home, and keel into bed,
After a few too many, so I am told.

Dawn arrives, and the rays pierce through,
The morning clouds, and the early fog.
My insides are squeamish, I ain't feeling good,
One of those days, it's called the hair of the dog.
I try to get moving, but it ain't that easy,
My bodies so heavy, like an over-sized log.
Then all of a sudden, my insides are a comin',
And I dart off to the loo, and talk to the bog.

I'm feeling much better, I'm ready for the day,
I know what I did, I overstepped 'that' line.
I'm never quite sure, how many is too many,
Too many for who?, it's so hard to define.
But my mates are my friends, they really are,
'Cause being with them, is like being on cloud nine.
Right now I feel like a drink, it sounds very good,
I'm sure if I have a few more, it'll really be fine.

~ Latest Poems ~

by Michael Sage

Freedom is non-negotiable I do decree,
However, at what price and when is freedom, no longer free.
I ask this question because I am sure that we all agree,
Our country has become so corrupt and full of anarchy.

Our ruling politicians are causing chaos and unrelenting strife,
And expect us to march to the beat of their drums, and noisy fife.
While they abuse our trust, our taxes and embezzlement is rife,
And they make a misery of our right to a normal self-respecting life.

When our guests from other countries both far and near,
Have no rights and continually live with anxiety and also in fear.
Our constitution and other human rights that we hold so dear,
Are under threat by the ruling party who would like it to disappear.

When Joe Citizen finds it hard to stomach the deterioration of so many things,
And our leaders believe that we are their pawns and they are the kings.
When an immoral, unethical, dishonest leader expects us to jump when he sings,
Is the reason that all creed and colors are looking abroad to spread their wings.

Our leaders must realize circumventing the law for self-enrichment is not the key,
If we want our country to be prosperous and to be revered internationally.
A leader’s job is not to dictate, but rather to be respected, admired and be a trustee,
Of the land we love, with so much potential, a land which should be freer than free.      

~ Latest Poems ~

Mothers Day
By Michael Sage

Oh Mother, Oh Mother of mine,
The light of love through you doth shine,
My character you sculpt and carefully define,
My future you determine and gently align.

Oh Mother, Oh Mother so dear,
             You teach me life's rules to which I should adhere,                When I stumble you lift me up and tell me not to fear,   
And my successes you celebrate with a twinkle and a tear.

Oh Mother, Oh Mother so great 
You teach me to love and never to hate 
And at times when on thin ice I seem to skate   
Your advise me with love that never seems to abate.

Oh Mother, Oh Mother of love  
                 You are the proverbial beautiful white dove                  You lead me towards goodness with a nudge and a shove    
Thank you for everything but especially for your love.

~ Latest Poems ~

by Michael Sage

We worship you dear Luna May
Lighting up our world so bright
Exhilarating nights extending into day
Infusing passion - totally out of sight

Never let us go is what we pray
We embrace you with all our might
You simply have to dwell and stay
For that we'll surely wage a fight

Sunshine's no match for your lunar ray
As it tempers sparks into dazzling night
And invigorates our tender loving play
Infusing happiness into our daily plight

No price is too big or too much to pay
For transforming darkness to wispy white
And keeping misery an arms-length away
While intoxicating us with your lunar light

~ Latest Poems ~

by Michael Sage

On this day, a thank you to my special Dad
Who lifted me up when I was down or sad
Who stuck with me through good and bad
Who made a man out of a little lad

A dad who seemed to us so very tall
When I was growing up but still so small
Who picked me up when I would fall
And taught me to ride a bike and play ball

A dad who moulded me out of magic clay
Who taught me morals and to obey
And to be righteous and not to be led astray
Thank you for your guidance and teaching me the way

~ Latest Poems ~

by Mellisa Wade

I hate a crooked tree because it reminds me of me,
My crooked smile lets my crooked teeth show,
And that's just for starters - look at my crooked nose.

I hate a crooked tree because it reminds me of me,
With all its twist and turns from this way to that,
Just like the bone shaped like an s running down my back.

A pine tree is strong, straight and tall and builds many things once it falls,
So what is so good about a crooked tree,
And what is so good about me?

I LOVE a crooked tree because it reminds me of me,
so much character in every bow and bend,
Offering shade and comfort to all of its friends.

When your feeling down and sorry for yourself,
Ask the lord to take away those feelings of self doubt,
Then sit quietly in your sacred place,
And I promise he will fill you with love, confidence and grace!

~ Latest Poems ~

by Mellisa Wade

Sometimes when we fall the drop is not that far,
We land on nothing hard, causing us no scar.

Sometimes when we fall we think we'll never hit,
But then we do and luckily its just a little lick.

But then there is that one, fast and fierce that just wont end,
Taking from us everything, right down to our wind.
beaten, battered, bruised and scared, cold and all alone,
Thinking if we only knew then, what we now know.

We would not have ended up so very far from him, where we first began,
From his love and grace knowing him as friend.

I beg of you my dear don't lie there in despair,
Lift your face and call his name, I promise he will hear.

Sometimes when we fall we think we'll never rise,
Just remember this my friend, your the reason that he died!

~ Latest Poems ~

by Mellisa Wade

Most little sisters would take and break your new toys,
They would aggravate when trying to study and make lots of noise.

Most little sisters tattle and snitch,
Pulling  your hair and pinch and hit.

Most little sisters your secrets they would yak,
Most were nothing but brats.

But my things you never touched,
You were never a pain in my butt!

All of my secrets you'll take to the grave,
And you never were ugly, you always behaved!

So on this day we celebrate your birth,
I want the world to know just how much your worth!

I love my little sister, happy birthday

~ Latest Poems ~

by Mellisa Wade

This morning as I looked out my kitchen window, coffee in hand,
I was tempted to see only the dark gray sky, drizzling rain, a dreary day,
But in the stillness of the moment Gods love shone thru.

My attention turned to the budding leafs so small and tender,
The coolness of the day and wetness of the rain,
Nurturing them to maturity.
I was reminded of his love and promise,
Never to leave or forsake us even on a dreary day! 

~ Latest Poems ~

by Autumn Fisher

As I walk along this unknown land,
As the waves lap at my feet,
Serenity takes me deep below,
The surface of my skin,
To the depths of my own subconscious,
Where thoughts meet dreams,
And dreams become reality.

~ Latest Poems From Around The Globe ~

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