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~ Lowell Milken Quotes ~
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~ American Philanthropist ~

(Lowell Milken Quotes)

Lowell Milken - November 29, 1948

Born -  Encino, California, USA


~ Lowell Milken Quotes ~

Education provides the fullest opportunities for fulfilling ourselves. It is the access to all that a person has yet to learn ~ Lowell Milken

Good teachers are to education what education is to all other professions, the indispensable element, the sunlight and oxygen, the foundation on which everything else is built ~ Lowell Milken

In every endeavor, people make the difference, and just one person has the power to make a profound difference in the lives of so many people ~ Lowell Milken

Only when society demonstrates respect for educators will the brightest and most capable students choose it as their profession ~ Lowell Milken

That education is the most important of all professions is a message the public should hear and understand. And, as importantly, a message that our educators need to hear as well ~ Lowell Milken

The future belongs to the educated ~ Lowell Milken

The most direct and enduring way to reach the mind and imagination of the learner is through the mind, imagination and character of the outstanding teacher ~ Lowell Milken

~ Lowell Milken Quotes ~

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