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~ Luck Poems ~

Luck is Usually Self Made

~ Good Luck Poems - Creating Your Own Luck ~

Luck Follows Me
By Michael Sage

I have it all - some say I got it all for free
Everything I do, turns into a leafy golden tree
The waters part for me, even in a turbulent sea
I have it all you see, luck just seems to follow me

My kids are healthy, happy and totally free
My wife - caring, special and oh so lovely
My life is full of special souls, they’re my family
I have it all you see, luck just seems to follow me

My life is filled with love, yes, true love, I do decree
I give myself to love, like an ever present devotee
Every hug and kiss I treasure and accept with glee
I have it all you see, luck just seems to follow me

I don't hobble through life as though I am an amputee
No shackles can hold me back, I am not a detainee
Obstacle are faced head on, I never run away like an escapee
I have it all you see, luck just seems to follow me

Life is not a bed of roses, and at times it’s like a judas tree
Life is beset by problems, but from them I never flee
Every problem is welcomed, as an opportunity
I have it all you see, luck just seems to follow me

In life nothing is for sure, there is no guarantee
My life was spent perfecting what is now a ‘life degree’
I am so blessed that you simply must agree
I have it all. You see, luck just seems to follow me

~ Luck Poems ~

Luck is not chance
by Emily Dickinson

Luck is not chance—
It's Toil—
Fortune's expensive smile
Is earned—
The Father of the Mine
Is that old-fashioned Coin
We spurned—

~ Luck Poems ~

The Parting of the Column
by Rudyard Kipling

We’ve rode and fought and ate and drunk as rations come to hand,
Together for a year and more around this stinkin’ land:
Now you are goin’ home again, but we must see it through.
We needn’t tell we liked you well. Good-by – good luck to you!

You ‘ad no special call to come, and so you doubled out,
And learned us how to camp and cook an’ steal a horse and scout.
What ever game we fancied most, you joyful played it too,
And rather better of the whole. Good-by – good luck to you!

There isn’t much we ‘aven’t shared, since Kruger cut and run,
The same old work, the same old scoff, the same old dust and sun;
The same old chance that laid us out, or winked an’ let us through;
The same old Life, the same old Death. Good-by – good luck to you!

Our blood ‘as truly mixed with yours – all down the Red Cross train.
We’ve bit the same thermometer in Bloeming-typhoidtein,
We’ve ‘ad the same old temp’rature – the same relapses too,
The same old saw-backed fever-chart. Good-by – good luck to you!

But ‘twasn’t merely this an’ that (which all the world may know),
‘Twas how you talked an’ looked at things which made us like you so.
All independent, queer an’ odd, but most amazin’ new.
The same old saw-backed fever-chart. Good-by – good luck to you!

Think o’ the stories round the fire, the tales along the trek –
O’ Calgary an’ Wellin’ton, an’ Sydney and Quebec;
Of mine an’ farm, an’ ranch an’ run, an’ moose an’ caribou,
An’ parrots peckin’ lambs to death! Good-by – good luck to you!

We’ve seen your ‘ome by world o’ mouth, we’ve watched your rivers shine,
We’ve ‘eard your bloomin’ forests blow of eucalyp’ and pine;
Your young, gay countries north and south, we feel we own ‘em too,
For they was made by rank an’ file. Good-by – good luck to you!

We’ll never read the papers now without inquirin’ first
For word from all those friendly drops where you were born an’ nursed.
Why, Dawson, Galle, an’ Montreal – Port Darwin – Timaru,
They’re only just across the road! Good-by – good luck to you!

Good-by! – So-long! Don’t lose yourselves – nor us, nor all kind friends,
But tell the girls your side the drift – we’re comin’ – when it ends!
Good-by, you bloomin’ Atlasses! You’ve taught us somethin’ new:
The world’s no bigger than a kraal. Good-by – good luck to you!

~ Luck Poems ~

Hard Luck
by Edgar Albert Guest

Ain't no use as I can see
In sittin' underneath a tree
An' growlin' that your luck is bad,
An' that your life is extry sad;
Your life ain't sadder than your neighbor's
Nor any harder are your labors;
It rains on him the same as you,
An' he has work he hates to do;
An' he gits tired an' he gits cross,
An' he has trouble with the boss;
You take his whole life, through an' through,
Why, he's no better off than you.

If whinin' brushed the clouds away
I wouldn't have a word to say;
If it made good friends out o' foes
I'd whine a bit, too, I suppose;
But when I look around an' see
A lot o' men resemblin' me,
An' see 'em sad, an' see 'em gay
With work t' do most every day,
Some full o' fun, some bent with care,
Some havin' troubles hard to bear,
I reckon, as I count my woes,
They're 'bout what everybody knows.

The day I find a man who'll say
He's never known a rainy day,
Who'll raise his right hand up an' swear
In forty years he's had no care,
Has never had a single blow,
An' never known one touch o' woe,
Has never seen a loved one die,
Has never wept or heaved a sigh,
Has never had a plan go wrong,
But allas laughed his way along;
Then I'll sit down an' start to whine
That all the hard luck here is mine.

~ Luck Poems ~

Lucky Stars
by Carmen Lagos Signes

I've often heard grown people say:
"I thank my luck stars!"
And wondered what they really meant,
For Jupiter and Mars

Seemed much too far away, to me,
For blessings to bestow.
But what they mean by "lucky stars"
I think at last I know.

I see them shining every day~
Morning, noon, and night.
Their whiteness gleams from out the blue,
Brave champions of right,

They stand quite close in perfect rows,
These fifty stars that shine.
They stand for union, purity,
For courage, yours and mine.

For honesty and freedom
Of speech and of the press,
For all the many principles
Our nation's laws express.

So now I, too, van truly say:
"I thank my lucky stars!"
So that I will try to live my life
So that it never mars

The qualities they stand for.
The Banner of the Free
Shall always fly in freedom
With luck stars for me.

~ Luck Poems ~

Good Luck Gold
Janet Wong

When I was a baby
one month old,
my grandparents gave me
good luck gold:
a golden ring
so soft it bends,
a golden necklace
hooked at the ends,
a golden bracelet
with coins that say
I will be rich
and happy someday.

I wish that gold
would work
real soon.
I need my luck
this afternoon.

~ Luck Poems ~

Night Luck
By Heidi Mordhorst

Night is deep in a dark box
deep in a cushion of down
nestled in tissue
tied with ribbons
Night is asleep in the dark

Night wakes with curious paws
wakes in a furry fog
wrestles the tissue
nibbles the ribbons
Night is awake in the dark

Night tumbles in velvet directions
tumbles along to your bed
sniffing your wishes
wagging your worries
Night is a friend in the dark

~ Luck Poems ~

by Graeme King

My lucky numbers let me down again,
I needed number seven, but it came out number ten,
it happens every week, it’s no surprise,
for fifty years I’ve played the game and never won a prize.

My wife confessed she wanted a divorce,
she’d met another man who owned a mansion and a horse,
I watched her drive away without a sound,
it’s déjà vu for me, this was my seventh time around.

My seven children send me emails now,
I’d answer them politely, but I can’t remember how,
it seems to me it’s all a little game,
comparing all their messages reveals they’re all the same.

My car broke down beside the interstate,
it’s running now on seven cylinders, instead of eight,
I’m passed by all the buses and the trucks,
the quote for the repairs came out at seven thousand bucks.

The cat had seven kittens late last week,
I put them in a bag and went to throw them in the creek,
a council ranger stopped me just in time,
and now I’m doing seven years for vicious feline crime.

~ Luck Poems ~

Ill Luck
Roy Campbell

So huge a burden to support
Your courage, Sisyphus, would ask;
Well though my heart attacks its task,
Yet Art is long and Time is short.

Far from the famed memorial arch
Towards a lonely grave I come.
My heart in its funereal march
Goes beating like a muffled drum.

— Yet many a gem lies hidden still
Of whom no pick-axe, spade, or drill
The lonely secrecy invades;

And many a flower, to heal regret,
Pours forth its fragrant secret yet
Amidst the solitary shades.

~ Good Luck Poems - Creating Your Own Luck ~

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