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Plagiarism is an offence

What is Plagiarism?

Using the words or copying someone else's writings and claiming them as your own is cheating - commonly know as plagiarism.

This theft of another's works by deliberately using another author's writings, not acknowldeging the author, and making out that it is your own work is basically intellectual theft.

However, not all plagiarism is deliberate. Their are naturally instances where copying has taken place without acknowleging the author, but where the work was not claimed to be one's own. Whether deliberate or not, it is still an offence.

We won't accept work that is plagiarized. Honesty is the best policy, and claiming someone else's work to be your own is looking for trouble.

Plagiarism does have grey areas. To avoid being labelled a cheat, never copy and paste. Write everything using your own words. Give credit when using others words.

Take note to understand the difference between plagiarism and copyright. When you use material and writings without consent, you are deemed to have infringed on the copyright holders rights. When you use others material or writings and lay claim to being the author, or you directly copy others work, then it is plagiarism.

Should you find any writings on this website that you believe may be plagiarized, please inform us immediately. We will do our utmost to ensure that this website is free of plagiarism, however we are human, and things can fall between the cracks. Help us to keep this website true and original.

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