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Poetry is Verbal Art

Poetry is Verbal Art

Poems, in fact all poetry, is the painting of a picture using words as the medium and the creation of an inspirational mental image.

Inspirational Poetry is simply poetic ideas which are conveyed in such a way so as to trigger an emotion. The words create feelings which differ from person to person. Those that listen to or read poems often find different meanings in the same piece of poetry, similar to people seeing different shapes and things in artwork. It is subject to each individuals personal interpretation.

Poets convey their message by painting a picture in the readers mind. The mind then interprets those pictures into meanings which ring true with each individual. Poetry is emotional and imaginative and is seen by the minds eye, while art is more visually direct. Poetry usually stir feelings and emotions on a higher plain compared to visual artwork.

Inspirational poems are like word animation.

You do not a need a visual object nor do you need a screen of sorts to see poetry. All you require is the TV screen of the mind - that abstract tool of imagination from which all things are created.

Whether written or spoken, the beauty of poetry elevates ones thoughts and re-actions. This, coupled with rhythmical sentences, provide a feeling of gratitude, warmth, beauty and inspiration.

The Greatest of all Artist are Poets.

To paint scenes without a canvass and without a brush, to create moving images without a camera and without a screen. To inspire people, to make them laugh, to make them wonder, to make them marvel or to make them cry without any tools, bar ones words and their imagination is a special feat indeed.

No wonder poetry is used to inspire, to provoke thought and to assist in healing mental and emotional wounds. Poetry is the ultimate cleanser - the ultimate medication.

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