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~ Poets ~

A Poet Is An Artist That Paints With Words

A Poet is a blind man's artist - One who can paint the most vivid paintings and sketches which only the mind's eye can see and decipher.

A Poet is a medicine man - One who can heal an unhappy soul, inspire a restless or distressed mind and soothe and regulate an irregular heart beat.

A Poet is a conqueror - One who can turn a revolution on its head and defeat warlords simply by the use of the written word. Proof enough that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

A Poet is the artist's artist - One who can paint he most delightful and colorful scenery by using only one paint color.

A Poet is a Judge, Jury and Prosecutor all wrapped into one - They can argue, define, describe and narrate all at once, without distorting the literal picture they are creating.

A Poet is a masterful evocateur who can instill intense emotion into audiences. Whether it is anger or sorrow, love or joy - A poet is alternative and boundless.

A Poet is natures creative force, who eloquently express thoughts through sublime word usage.

A Poet is a creator with the the most exotic and colorful imagination. They provide the building blocks of nature itself - The essential elements of beauty and love.


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