Quote of the Day for your Website or Blog

Add a 'Quote Of The Day' to your Website or Blog, and the quote will change automatically each day without any work from your side. Simply copy and paste a code into your Webpage or Blog.

It's simple, it's easy, it's free. Viewers and Readers love it and for websites it means extra traffic.

Place 'Quotes of the Day' either in your Main Body or add it to your Navigation Sidebar - which-ever suites your site best.

This is what it will look like on your Page.

Quote of the Day

Simply copy and paste the code below into your page. It defaults to 275 pixels wide, but this can be changed by either increasing or decreasing the number 275. NB. If you make it too narrow it may be difficult to read.

NB!! Apart from changing the width if you need to (ie: 275), please paste the code into your Webpage or Blog exactly as you see it.

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