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Submitting Others Writings

May I Submit Other Authors Quotes, Poems Etc?

The question many people ask me is if they are allowed to submit other peoples quotes and poems. The short answer is yes and no!!

Submitting other authors writings can be tricky, however, there are a few accepted guidelines that may be followed.

Public Domain Writings or out of copyright writings generally do not require permission, however some individuals and concerns have obtained legal publishing rights to certain poems.

Submitting Quotes:

It is generally an accepted fact that quotes, short phrases, slogans, and works that are in the public domain are not copyright protected. Quotes are considered short expressions rather then longer literary works.

Using a short phrase or quote from a work which has been copyrighted is deemed to be "Fair Use" and thus permission does not need to be sort. However, using a phrase or quote and claiming it to be your own is plagiarism, and the law will protect the author against such abuse.

Integrity, honesty and decency are the correct routes to follow -
thus always give credit when using a quote to ensure that legal action is not taken against you. If the quote or phrase is used in news, speeches, commentary or for educational purposes, then it will most likely be deemed "Fair Use".

If you are unsure about what is "Fair Use" and what is "Copyright", then it would be in your best interest to get legal advice before submitting writings to this website for publication.

Submitting Poems:

Submitting poems authored by someone else is a rather different kettle of fish.

All poems which are published on this website are for information purposes only and are not published for ill intentions. The persons submitting poetry to this website must have written permission from the author as we adhere to international copyright laws, rules and agreements. We reserve the right to check and investigate any submission so as to validate the submitters authorization to do so.

Should we receive a request from any authorized legal representative to remove a poem from our website, we shall do so without undue delay.

Submitting a poem or any other writing to www.inspirational-quotes-and-poems.net is considered a request to have the poems published on our website.

Any writings appearing on this website may not be duplicated or used without prior written consent from us.

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