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Submitting Your Writings

How to Publish online for free?

How do I submit Poems, Quotes & Stories?

Simply click on the Submit a Quote, Submit a Poem or Submit a Story Link on the left hand menu.

Fill in your name, surname, email address and scroll through and click on the country you live in.

Copy and paste your writings into the Space provided and then any comments that you may have into the second space provided.

NB: PLEASE tell us under what section and heading you would like your writings to appear.

You may submit as many English language poems, quotes and stories as you want, however please only post one per time.

We do not charge you for publishing your writings onto www.inspirational-quotes-and-poems.net. This is a free service.

Please note that once your writings are published, they are in the public domain, however all publishing rights and copyright of your personal writings submitted to www.inspirational-quotes-and-poems.net continues to belong to YOU.

Not all writings will be published. Publishing on this domain is at the discretion of www.inspirational-quotes-and-poems.net. Writings that are offensive, abusive, contain profanity and vulgar language will not be published and will be deleted from our system.

Please note that it is your responsibility to keep copies of your writings as www.inspirational-quotes-and-poems.net is not liable for any writings which may be lost.

Rules when Submitting Your Writings:

1. Each Word in The Headline or Title must begin with a capital letter. All other letters are to be in lowercase.

2. For poems and stories, the writer or authors name must appear under the heading or title. For quotes, the writer or authors name must appear at the end of the quote.

3. Each sentence must start with a capital letter and the rest should be in lower case, except where capital are required such as names of people and places and when emphasis is needed.

4. Start all writing on the extreme left hand side of the page.

5. You may leave comments in the alternative block provided. Please indicate if you are the Author and what section / genre you believe it should fall under. Suggest new sections where required.

6. If you are not the author, please advise who the Author is and what permission you have to publish the works.

7. As This is an English Language website, only English writings will be able to be published.

8. We reserve the right, in some instances, to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes.

9. PLEASE let us know if you detect any spelling or grammatical mistakes or if you detect any incorrect information on the website such as double submissions. Please report to us via the "contact us" section.

10. Should you wish to delete your submission from our website, please advise us via the "contact us" section. Your submission will usually be deleted within 10 working days.

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Important Information

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