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Trafeze: Uniting Online Businesses

This page on Trafeze is intended for any visitor who may own a website or blog, or anybody who creates a product, including digital goods or hard goods, who wants more sales. It's an important message, one that I think you'll be quite interested in… 

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

That motto has been used countless times in history in order to inspire unity and collaboration amongst people and if you have your own online business, you know that's exactly what the Internet world needs right now. 

Not too long ago, algorithm shifts caused many, many webmasters to lose traffic and earnings. For some, it had devastating effects and their businesses didn't survive. Others survived, but it was a long, difficult crawl back to site health.  Additionally, there have been tax law changes that have had negative impact upon merchants, forcing them to pull back on their affiliate bases, thereby triggering the cancellation of innumerable affiliate accounts.  Again, many affiliates didn't survive the hit and were forced out of business.  On and on it goes, with hit after hit taking its toll on site owners and bloggers.  If that weren't enough, advertising revenues have dropped tremendously. If ad blockers aren't ruining it, advertising platforms are taking larger and larger cuts in order to satisfy their stockholders. Needless to say, all of these things are taking their toll on monetization.

The flipside to those scenarios are the product makers who have excellent products to sell, many of whom have trouble making the minimums to launch a full-fledged affiliate presence. Some affiliate networks have onerous requirements that smaller business can't meet.  This can make it difficult for craftsmen, small manufacturers and other small businesses to get adequately utilize the Internet to grow their businesses.

Trafeze Unifies

However, despite the disparate nature of these two groups, there is a common denominator.  The product makers want to sell more of their products while the hard working webmaster or blogger needs and wants to monetize better.  Trafeze is where the two groups meet, "shake hands" and work together for stronger businesses. Consider it one step towards becoming impervious to the perils of search engines, or the precarious nature of advertising and affiliate income. 

Catch me at Trafeze

Fight Back by Uniting

If you're ready for a change and want to take a stand, you can sign up for Trafeze at https://trafeze.com and become part of the new monetization wave.  Trafeze is a completely free program with no contracts, ongoing fees or obligation.  It's a service offered by SiteSell, makers of Solo Build It and Solo Build It for WP.  However, development is happening in stages.  There must be enough interest for SiteSell to continue development all the way through.

Therefore, please help us spread the word by signing up for Trafeze. Then, grab one of the banners and share it, either on your site or in your social media posts. The more people who do this, the more chances this will catch on and the better chance Trafeze will reach its true potential.

Will you help?  There is strength in numbers and we can overcome all that the Internet throws at us. Sign up for Trafeze today and help us spread the word!

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