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Why Procrastination Wins Over Creativity

In life, at one time or another, you feel like you have something special within you. Something creative that belongs to you.

The creativity may be in the form of writing, singing, playing or any other activity. You believe you can do it better than others. You are certain that you can advance your career by running your own business rather than holding down a regular daily job. This would be your dream achievement and you take the decision to make a go of it.

As time passes you become stuck and entangled in life's day to day happenings. You don't progress as you should have and your subconscious mind makes excuses which works against your creativity. Self doubt creeps in and you begin to believe that maybe you are not up to it. You slowly give up on your dream and defeat seems inevitable. The more you don't achieve, the more self doubt rears its ugly head and the less you do to achieve your dreams.

Why is it that procrastination wins over creativity? The answer, firstly, is that fire needs oxygen to keep burning. In this instance the initial motivation is the oxygen. Secondly, you need action to keep the the fire or motivation burning. Now between the these two lies procrastination.

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday ~ Napoleon Hill

It is the gap between the first action and second action that helps procrastination win. Procrastination prevents you from moving from step one to step two. Take small steps, one at a time, and very importantly, keep taking steps.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Trying and failing is more important than not trying at all and thus not failing. Remember that not trying is actually true failure. Don’t fear negative outcomes. No matter how badly you start, the fact that you started works as a foundation for the next step. Keep going. Keep making mistakes, but try not to repeat the same mistakes. Keep learning from mistakes as that will ulitmately get you where you want to be.

Everyone has something creative inside them, but success belongs to those who identify it, and keep taking action while the fire is burning.

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